CoD upgrade

Activating Capacity Upgrade on Demand

When you purchase one or more activation features, you will receive corresponding activation codes to permanently activate your inactive processors or memory units.

To permanently activate your inactive resources by retrieving and entering your activation code:
1. Retrieve the activation code by going to
2. Enter the system type and serial number of your server.
3. Record the activation code that is displayed on the Web site.
4. Enter your activation code on your server using the HMC. To enter your code:
  • a. In the navigation area of the HMC window, expand Systems Management.
  • b. Select Servers.
  • c. In the contents area, select the server on which you want enter your activation code.
  • d. Select Tasks > Capacity on Demand (CoD) > Enter CoD Code.
  • e. Type your activation code in the Code field.
  • f. Click OK.


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