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NETWORK CONFIGURATION AT BOOT TIME: 1. /etc/       Configures and starts TCP/IP interfaces. Sets hostname, default gateway and static routes.(it is called by cfgmgr) then during initialization, the file /etc/inittab is called. There are 2 entries:         ...         rctcpip:23456789:wait:/etc/rc.tcpip > /dev/console 2>&1 # Start TCP/IP daemons         rcnfs:23456789:wait:/etc/rc.nfs > /dev/console 2>&1 # Start NFS Daemons         ... 2. /etc/rc.tcpip       starts TCP/IP daemons (sendmail, portmap, inetd, etc., and other daemons: syslogd, lpd ...) 3. /etc/inetd.conf     when inetd started, it reads its configuration from this file  contains the name of the services that inetd listens for requests and starts as needed