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Devices In AIX

Devices In AIX  Objectives for the module Understand Pre-Defined and Customized Devices Databases Describe the states of a device Logical and physical devices Understand device location codes How to add/change/delete devices Understanding Devices

How to add IP alias in AIX?

Adding IP alias in AIX Using "smitty" we can configure the IP alias in AIX. It is better to use “smitty tcpip” to check and verify configuration and interfaces. Steps using SMITTY: smitty tcpip --> Further configuration -->Network interface -->Network interface selection -->Configure alias --> Add an IPV4 Network Alias (Here select the available interface  and press enter and the Next screen, we need to insert an IP address and the relative subnet mask and press enter.) At the end of configuration commands we get the status (“OK” if everything is ok) Validation:  Execute the  #ifconfig -a  command and confirm the newly added IP alias has been present. Steps using CLI: To temporarily add the IP alias by ifconfig: ( Syntax )         #ifconfig alias netmask up (For example) : #ifconfig en0 alias netmask up To remove the temporarily added IP alias by ifconfig: (Syntax)          #ifconfig delete