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How to use the HMC Commandline

HMC Command line Interface:AIX This documents contains the most important HMC commands. It covers both, the old power4 commands (up to HMC Version 3) and the new power5 style commands (HMC Version 4-6). A lot of nice commands still available for version 3 (power4) are removed from newer releases. One example of these nice commands is lslpars and it's not available for HMC version 4 and higher. The real reason behind it is that IBM wants to force us to use the web based tools wsm and WebSM or the new HMC browser GUI. This documents helps you to survive with the HMC commands in case working with the web based tools is not feasible. In the examples below we call a whole power4 or power5 frame (aka Managed System ) pserver . We call an LPAR mylpar . If an example output shows more than one LPAR name we enumerate it. LPAR Profiles are shown as myprofile . You have to replace these names with your object names.  If you use power6 systems, you need the new HMC version7. Although

VIO Server Howto

AIX: VIO Server Contents Run IOS commands as root  What is the AIX command behind an ioscli command? IOS - Information and Maintenance List all ioscli commands  IOS Version  Apply IOS Fixes  IOS Upgrade Procedure  Reboot the VIO Server Virtual Devices: Storage