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Uninstall powerpath on a Boot from SAN configuration and get back to MPIO

  Uninstalling powerpath when your rootvg resides on a SAN LUN, is not so easy, because you can’t install concurrently the MPIO disk driver fileset, with the one you’re using with powerpath ! And you won’t be able to uninstall the latter (in order to install MPIO support for your disks), unless you wanna play with the ODM. But first things first :   Unconfigure powerpath # powermt unmanage dev=all PS : on some older versions (like 5.3 SP1), the argument « all » is not valid, you will need to specify each volume specifically. If you encounter this message (because you have open VG’s on the disks), don’t worry, the unmanage option will be active for the next reboot: # powermt unmanage dev=hdiskpower11   Cannot remove device that is in use: hdiskpower11 Device(s) will be unmanaged on Reboot. If not done yet, unmanage your rootvg hdisk and reboot to get rid of all powerpath managed stuff: # pprootdev off # shutdown -Fr Uninstall powerpath Now we can uninstall powerpath: # installp -u EMCpo