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GPFS Cluster

How I built a gpfs cluster Scenario: I will build the initial cluster using 2 Shared SAN disks connected to two lpars of a P550 Server and then I will add another node from a p550 Lpar with no SAN disk and will create few sets of GPFS filesystem using internal disks. Later I will add a new disk to the 1st GPFS filesystem. If time permits I will add at least one more node to the cluster. So my final cluster will have one primary configuration server node one secondary configuration server node. You will notice that sometimes I ran commands from different server. It really doesn't matter for GPFS as you can run any command from any node. I had several ssh session open so whatever window I found open I used that window. Step 1. I will install GPFS software and latest fix packs to the 1st node which will be primary configuration server too. I copied all the GPFS software and downloaded latest available fix packs to /utility/SOFT/gpfs directory. Here is the list of all t