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AIX History

IBM had 2 discrete Power Architecture hardware lines, based on different Operating Systems:     - OS/400, later i5/OS, more later IBM i     - AIX (on the same hardware it is possible to run Linux as well) I. 1986-1990 (AS/400 - IBM RT): In 1986 AIX Version 1 had been introduced for the IBM 6150 RT workstation, which was based on UNIX. In 1987 for the other product line: OS/400 (later i5/OS and IBM i), the platform (hardware) AS/400 had been released. II. 1990-1999 (RS/6000): Among other variants, IBM later produced AIX Version 3 (also known as AIX/6000), for their IBM POWER-based RS/6000 platform. The RS/6000 family replaced the IBM RT computer platform in February 1990 and was the first computer line to see the use of IBM's POWER and PowerPC based microprocessors. Since 1990, AIX has served as the primary operating system for the RS/6000 series. AIX Version 4, introduced in 1994, added symmetric multiprocessing with the introduction of the first RS/6000 SMP ser