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NIM Basics

Basics Master (NIM master): The one and only one machine in a NIM environment that has permission to run commands remotely on NIM clients. The NIM master holds all the NIM resources. A client can only have one master, and a master can not be a client of any other master. The NIM master must be at an equal or higher level than the client. Client (NIM client): Any standalone machine or lpar in a NIM environment other than the NIM master. Clients use resources that reside on the NIM master to perform various software maintenance, backup ... Resource (NIM resources): This can be a single file or a whole filesystem that is used to provide some sort of information to, or perform an operation on a NIM client. Resources are allocated to NIM clients using NFS and can be allocated to multiple clients at the same time. Resources can be: mksysb, spot, lpp_source, machines... Allocate/Allocation: This process is what allows your NIM client to access resources in NIM. The master uses

NIM Server Creations

1. Pre- requisite to start NIM server setup For stating the NIM server /Client set the required file set should be get installed and the file sets are listed below, On NIM server lslpp –l grep nim File sets need to be installed on NIM SERVER: • bos.sysmgt.nim.master • File sets need to be installed on NIM CLINET: • bos.sysmgt.nim.clinet If need to install from CD • installp -Ld /dev/cd0 grep nim --> from cd Install: • installp -agxd /dev/cd0 bos.sysmgt.nim.master • installp -agxd /dev/cd0 2. NIM Server Setup Check the required fileset by listing the command, • lslpp -l grep nim -à will display the and nim.master file sets NIM installation will create and update the below following file, • /etc/niminfo • ODM – object / object classes • created LPP_SOURCE and SPOT in NIM MASTER SERVER LPP_SOURCE (licensed product project source)à This a source will have the content of AIX which in the CD, fo