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VIO Server Howto

AIX: VIO Server Contents Run IOS commands as root  What is the AIX command behind an ioscli command? IOS - Information and Maintenance List all ioscli commands  IOS Version  Apply IOS Fixes  IOS Upgrade Procedure  Reboot the VIO Server Virtual Devices: Storage

Shared Ethernet Adapter (SEA) Failover with Load Balancing

Update: The developers and the manuals call this Load Sharing but most people think it is called Load Balancing. Perhaps, balancing gives the wrong impression of fine grain packet by packet balancing where we actually have higher level, cruder splitting of the work with Sharing. Below I use the word Balancing but mean Sharing. I have got a few questions recently on how to set this up as there are announcement with near zero information on setup, the configuration needed and a worked example. So here goes. For a long time now we have had SEA Failover where the VIOS pair work together to provide a simple to set up at the client VM (LPAR) redundant path to the network.  A single virtual Ethernet network is managed between two Virtual I/O Servers (VIOS). The one with the higher priority (lower number) is the primary and does all the network bridging I/O and the secondary does nothing unless the primary is taken down or fails. Then the secondary takes over and does all t

How to Setup SEA Failover on DUAL VIO servers?

What needs to be done? Each SEA must have at least one virtual Ethernet adapter with the “Access external network” flag (previously known as “trunk” flag) checked . This enables the SEA to provide bridging functionality between the two VIO servers. Note:  SEAs has the same PVID, but will have a different priority value. Control Channel: An additional virtual Ethernet adapter , which belongs to a unique VLAN on the system, is used to create the control channel between the SEAs, it must be specified in each SEA when configured in ha_mode.  The purpose of this control channel is to communicate between the two SEA adapters to determine when a fail over should take place Limitation : SEA Failover was introduced with Fixpack 7 (Virtual I/O server version 1.2), so both Virtual I/O Servers need to be at this minimum level. Steps : Create the Virtual ethernet adapter with the following option on the VIOS1 . virtual adapter a unique (Port Virtu